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Eric Miller – The Return of Doghouse Wryly

– Eloquent lyrics along with playful guitar work encompasses Eric Miller’s The Return of Doghouse Wryly. “She Dreams in Colour” has what sounds like acoustic guitar with some shaker work in the background. The theme of the song is a girl who isn’t sure what course her life is heading, with lines like, “She feels as though she been a child for many years but that don’t help the fight. She feels the tears; she hears the change and keeps her consciousness intact.” “Jack Roosevelt Robinson” has brisk harmonica huffing and is a song about the groundbreaking baseball player who shattered the color borders, with lines like, “A black man in 1945, playin’ America’s national pastime. A time when it was unheard of to cross the color line, even though it’s been accepted in all our good time. Jack Roosevelt Robinson came from the Negro leagues…No one wants to play with or against him, or any other black man here in this league. Cuz he was a black man and had a darker man, Jackie had to carry the flag for the entire race.” “Crossword Puzzle” is a song country western music lovers could coolly line dance to with its down-home allure. It talks about a skirt chaser’s activities, with lines like, “There’s a boy who lives in the mountains, leaves me along alright, only comes out once in a while to chase the women at night.” “Coming to Pass” has commanding guitar chords and Miller emotes about a woman who seems to be just beyond his grasp, with lines like, “You sit close to me, so close I can touch ya. After all I still can’t reach you. What more need I say?” Eric Miller’s The Return of Doghouse Wryly, has thought-provoking lyrics and that will make listeners examine Miller’s true meaning.

Reviewer: Sari N. Kent

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